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A Heavenly Focus on a Fantastic Game (Fantasy Football) and Sport (NFL Football)

Our Heavenly Focus


Faith-Family-Fantasy Football would like to focus on what is good in the NFL. There are enough people focusing on the negative. We all know what the negative elements are and if you don’t, all you need to do is read or listen to the latest main stream sports headlines and you will quickly find out. 

We are not saying the things that are wrong need to be swept under the rug “organized crime style”, but we have made the negative things our focus and have missed a whole lot of really good things.

Our current society programs us to believe that good doesn’t sell and everyone wants any little dirty morsel they can chew on and spit out on anyone nearby, confirmed or unconfirmed.


That may be status quo in our world today but that is only because we have bought the lie that bad is more interesting and exciting than good. There was a time in early foundations of our existence that God was so distraught and grieved in His heart that He created man, that He enacted a plan to destroy the entire world and start over. This is the biblical account of Noah and the flood. God knew there was one righteous man (Noah) and revealed His plan to him.

There are some righteous men in the NFL to whom God has revealed His plan – men/women trying to do the right things, the right way, for the right reasons. They are not all perfect but are you? I know I’m not!

I am not in any way dismissing sin, just being real. Those of us who know Jesus personally are on a Journey of being conformed to His image. This Journey won’t be complete until we see Jesus face to face in Heaven.


We need to highlight and support those players who are following God’s plan and help them encourage those who aren’t, just as Noah tried to do in his day. It doesn’t matter how many listen but it DOES matter to God if there is even ONE who does!


This podcast will be a faith based, family friendly, ‘full of football’ talk based on almost 30 years of fantasy football experience. We won’t compartmentalize our faith, family and football; we will blend them together just like our lives should be. Prayerfully we will all learn from each other a bit about all three aspects as we take this journey together


Holihandicapper Podcast Host

Follower of Jesus Christ, Husband, Dad, Pap-Pap, Fantasy Football Fanatic Life’s Verse: I Corinthians 10:31, 29+ years Fantasy Football Enthusiast. Email Ghost Writer for many mock drafts back before Electronic FF platforms. Expert Rankings contributor for the Fantasy Index Magazine in 2023. Weekly contributor for Fantasy Index ask the experts article each week 2023. Founder of Faith-Family-Fantasy Football 2019


Actual Name: Ken Holizna (Fantasy Football and Podcast name) : Holihandicapper. My alias name is a combination of my last name, my Christian faith and a nickname my brothers used to call me (Hunkey Boy). I originally went by Hunkeyhandicapper but when I started a Faith based platform I changed it to Holihandicapper.


Broadcast Influences: Myron Cope, Howard Cosell, Bob Prince, Harry Caray, Mike Lang



Spiritual Influences: Manley Beasley, Arthur Blessitt, Carmen Licciardo, Keith Green, James Dobson, Dennis Rainey, Billy Graham, Pastor Dan Crow, Bill Gothard


Favorite Preachers/Teachers: Charles Stanley, Adrian Rogers, J. Vernon McGee, Chuck Swindoll, Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, Michael Youssef, Hank Hanegraaff


Married 38 years to my high school sweetheart who is an absolute gift from God directly to me. There is no one else in the who could have continued to love me through all the things we have gone through in the these 38 years. She always was and still is my best friend.


We have five fantastic intelligent and uniquely gifted children who are the pride and joy of our lives. My children and I have given each other a run for our money at times over the years but love has always won out. We are enjoying the completed transition from parenting to partaking in life together as adults. Looking back I would have done more praying and less preaching.


Our Seven grandchildren (and still counting) has been more of a blessing than I could have ever imagined. Being a Dad is a life changing pinnacle experience and has it’s great rewards but can be very difficult and challenging at times. Being a grandparent you to experience all the good stuff in life! Grandparents are the heroes and buddies who doesn’t have to discipline, say no, or be the bad guy. You are greeted like a celebrity and no one ever wants you to leave or to leave you (at least while they are young). It’s fantastic…a good season in life!


It would be hard for me to think of a sport that I don’t like or played in some form. I dabbled in a little bit of every type of sport from organized, to intramural, sandlot, pickup and city style. I LOVE games, board games and anything to do with competing (and of course winning)! I am a bad loser and an even worse winner. A friend of mine introduced me to fantasy football in 1992, the same friend that introduced me to Statis-Pro Football years earlier (which I love and can’t get anyone to play it with me in this digital age). Immediately upon starting to play fantasy football, I was hooked. A game that lasts for months( WHAAAT!) – I was ALL IN!. I jumped in with both feet and never looked back. Many memorable teams have come and gone, but, God willing, I will be in our original league until I go to see Jesus my savior face to face.




My wife and I married in 1981 right after I graduated a two year HVAC design, install and repair technical school. We set off for Texas to get rich like two young, strong willed, clueless know it all’s do. I worked and sat in traffic a lot. We had one set friends that I knew from tech school who we moved in with. They really liked to fight. We found out pretty quickly that leaving your family and friends behind some 1,400 miles away makes you a bit lonely.

A friend of my wife’s Dad lived fairly close by us in Texas and her father asked he and his wife to befriend us and show us what life is all about, if possible. They were fantastic, kind, generous, caring, godly people who helped us in ways that cant be explained. In the end they were more mentors than peers. After my wife got a job, she quickly made friends with a co-worker who would invite us to church. Not that I wasn’t interested; church was just not on my radar at the time, so I thought.

Looking back, this couple were not fully mature, trained  Christians at the time but they knew Jesus, and knew other people needed to know Jesus also. As we were all working on developing a friendship they kept on asking about us going to church with them (according to my wife the grandmother was prompting them to ask us). The husband informed me that the church had a Wednesday dinner and basketball program. Well sports is my second language (or is it English), so he really got my attention. Food and sports what guy could argue with that for something to do?

We went a couple of times then I was recruited by someone from the church to play softball. After joining the team and playing several games, I decided we should probably at least try out the church service. Our first Sunday was Easter Sunday and, wouldn’t you know, I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ clearly explained for the first time and knew I needed to give my life to Him! My wife and I went to the alter to counsel with the preacher and were later baptized together. Looking back it makes total sense that sports played a major role in me coming to the Lord. Why not?!  Sports are something that I have always loved and lived for.

What’s your testimony for Jesus, please share on one of our links and we may post it.

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